Ship Wars

The Ships

The ships you can see above are the 5 theme-orientated sets that made it in the game. They’re already modelled and playable. We have…

The Standard Ship

The Dashboard-Ship

The Steampunk-Ship

The Cat-Ship

The Fast-Food-Ship

Each set includes a hull, a sail, a set of four fans and a bridge that can be exchanged with every other-themed part of the same category! You can freely combine the different parts and create the weirdest looking kinds of ships. For example a cat in a box with chicken-wing fans, a steampunk-sail and a dashboard-bridge!

We really focused on this customization option because it’s a lot of fun to smash different themes together! It’s also one of these internet phenomena to be pretty crazy when it comes to the customization of things haha

Each ship part has its own value. Some make you faster, others increase your attack or range. The values are added to the values of the pairing you choose- With this you’re able to push the pairings strenght or balance out their weaknesses~ ♥

Oh and just to avoid misunderstandings:

We seperate Ships from Pairings. With Ships we literally mean ships, with pairings we’re speaking of the characters you can choose from. I am going to tell you more about the characters later ;)


The Ship-Wars project has finally reached it’s last week (or better the last three days) of the production timeline. The presentation will be hold on Wednesday, the 5th of February. 

So yeah, let’s talk about the whole project, the ups and downs so far and what the outcome will be.

First: There will be a game. It will contain lots of the features we aimed to put into the gameplay, but not all of them.

We will put a webplayer version online and you guys will be able to play it in matches with up to 4 people. We can’t guarantee a bug free game nor can we promise you a 100% funny gameplay. We worked hard to achieve as much as we did, but 3 months are just such a short amount of time. Especially when you’re stuck in what you’re doing due to reoccurring problems.

Ship-Wars had a lot of problems in the development of its networking system. Since I am not the programmer I can’t tell you what’s been the problem in detail, but we lost a big amount of time (up to 5 weeks) because of it. This results in us not being able to implement everything we would have loved to see into the final game. I am speaking of things like animations, custom icons, and other, related features.
Also the amount of time we needed to balance the game and make it “fun” decreased to a few days. We still do our best to get as much done as possible, but we just want you to know that there’ve been problems which lead to some losses in the Ship Wars game.

Anyway we still hope you guys will support us in our last three days ; u ; We reached an amount of 122 Followers so far. This is more than lovely and we want to thank you all for your support so far. ♥

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